Van Auxiliary Batteries & Power Management

Choosing how many batteries and the type of technology the batteries have to support your mobile service vehicle is a complicated and difficult task. The most popular work van ever sold with an auxiliary battery was the Ford E Series van. The auxiliary battery was wrong for inverter use, and the battery box was too small to hold the right kind of battery. The battery separator solenoid was an electromagnetic mechanical relay and the cable between the two batteries was too small to support any serious amp draw and had no visible circuit protection to prevent fire in case of a short or an accident.  

Mercedes Sprinter offers an electromagnetic mechanical battery separator that only joins the batteries when the key is on. Using heavy amp draw equipment with the key on during use could damage the alternator and van computer.

Some batteries require no maintenance, can be charged with 10 times the amp hour rating for ultra- quick charges, and they emit no acid fumes that can damage sensitive electronic devices you use in your work.      

We offer a device that can manage power from your vehicle battery to supplement your auxiliary batteries for mobile service work, ensure enough power in reserve to start your vehicle, and charge the batteries through your alternator one at a time, safely and efficiently.