We service and sell lighting products from many manufacturers of exterior work lighting, traffic safety lighting, and interior space lighting. Most of these manufacturers offer the best products available in one category and sub-standard products in others. We can help you balance your budget with products that will perform best for your needs. Installation and design is an Important part of lighting success. Wire and cable size, connection hardware, switches, pilot lights, anchoring, grommets, and bushings are a critical part of having light when, and where you need it. Exterior lighting is very complicated.  If you need work lights, how bright? For how long?  Telescoping?  12 volt?  110 volt? Is heat an issue? Safety lighting is even more complicated.  Beacons, traffic advisors, light bars, high intensity corner strobes, or individual lights.  And then, Halogen or LED lighting? Finally cab and cargo area lighting, are you working inside the van? Do you need lighting for maps, catalogs, and computer work in the cab?   

Van Lighting